Thursday, March 19, 2009

Action Sequence Writing Prompt

For this prompt, write an action sequence between the protagonist and at least one other character. Your goal is to maintain a sense of forward direction, at a fast-paced clip. In order to maintain the tension of the scene, think about what is motivating the protagonist, and what is standing in his way, rather than upon simply the descriptive (sense of sight) of what is happening. You can write a sequence using your own characters and situation, or choose from the list below:

1. Big Jim, the largest kid in school, is bullied into a confrontation with Julie, a "mean girl" from his homeroom. Big Jim knows a secret about Julie, one that would stop the confrontation cold, and also ruin Julie's life. How far can Julie go before Big Jim explodes? Or does he?

2. Joe and Steve, brothers, must race against the clock to rescue their horse, which has fallen into the creek. The normally slow creek is suddenly wide, deep and fast, the horse is terrified, and Joe and Steve are almost out of options. Then Steve attempts a rescue, but falls in. Joe spots a bend in the creek where he thinks he can grab the horse - or should he save Steve instead?

3. Six girls, as part of a gang initiation, must brawl. Two of the girls are best friends. Before the brawl, they make a secret pact to not fight each other. But suddenly, they find themselves the last two standing. Do they keep their pact? Does one betray the other? Are they both betrayed?