Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alter Ego Writing Prompt

Who do you become when you sit down in front of the keyboard? An alter ego has a name, not a pen-name, but a name associated with a defined personality. An alter ego has a voice, one that comes through when you write. An alter ego helps you connect to your teen self, or your child self, when you write.

In this prompt, you will define an alter ego. You can approach the prompt in one of two ways: (1) Develop and write about your own alter ego, the person you become when you write, or (2) Develop and write about your main character's alter ego, the person he becomes when he has a problem to deal with, or the person he becomes when he goes to school. Perhaps at home he is a mindful, thoughtful child who never causes problems, while at school he is impulsive, in-your-face, the class clown or class wild-man.

In developing your alter ego, do at least three preparatory things:
1. Name your alter ego
2. Define his or her top four personality traits
3. Define the boundaries of when and where the alter ego emerges, and identify the trigger that causes the alter-ego to emerge.

Then, slip into the skin of your newly-defined alter ego and write for 15 minutes in you alter ego's voice.