Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Main Website Updated

I updated my main website to include a project calendar for 2013. When I have a chance, I will add a calendar for 2014, as I know that some book projects have a long span. I also checked the external links and added one to my little homemade paper book. They are easy to make and inspired by the Moleskine Japanese Album. I wanted to make an inexpensive fold-out book with different kinds of paper, in a 32-page format especially for picture book planning. It's kind of a personal book dummy, not something to be shared, but for imagining, doodling and planning. You can find the how-to here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Summer Day Writing Prompt

The goal of this prompt is to describe an action or situation for your MC on a hot summer day. Choose a specific setting (beach, school, park, etc) and focus on how the details of the summer day might impact your MC's thoughts or actions/reactions. Is it a lazy summer day? One filled with tension? How do the sensory elements influence the dynamics of your story? Set your timer for 15-30 minutes and write. When you are done, read what you've written and see if you were able to firmly anchor your character in time and place.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Character Inventory

This week's exercise is to write a character inventory. Start with basic physical characteristics, such as hair and eye color, then go deeper. What are your MC's quirks? Likes and dislikes? Where is he from, who are his parents and what do they do? What about his friends and enemies? A complete character inventory helps to make your MC more real. It helps the writer to add depth when writing a story, and it helps you to stay true to your MC by justifying his words and actions.

Set your timer for 20-30 minutes and try to write a well-thought character inventory.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twenty-five Words for July 2011

Here are this month's 25 words. The object of the game remains the same: set your timer for 15-30 minutes and try to write a children's story using as many of the words as possible:

San Francisco
So far away
Crashing waves
Oh no!
Starry night
Golden Gate Bridge
Did you see that?
Cable Car

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Person, Place, and a Thing

In this writing prompt, choose one MC from the list below, a setting, and a thing. Set your timer for 15 minutes and write a children's short story that involves all three. Extra points for incorporating a conflict and a resolution.

1. Boy, age 8, with an almost funny sense of impending doom.
2. Boy, age 6, who loves sports.
3. Girl, age 4, who greets each day with unbridled joy.
4. Girl, age 8, who feels that she has a superpower, but isn't sure what it is yet.

1. A very proper private school where kids wear uniforms and recess is very orderly...or is it?
2. Home, comfortable wonderful home, which for some reason is not so perfect for harried parents.
3. The neighborhood park. You never know who you're gonna offend.

1. A brand-new baseball glove.
2. A red sweatshirt.
3. A cell phone.
4. An unhatched bird's egg.