Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teen Speak Writing Prompt

This prompt is to explore how a teen character perceives his or her world. Pick a character, and a starting sentence and then write for 15 minutes about a situation that you make up for your character. Imagine how the specific character might think or feel as you envision and write about his or her situation. Keep everything in first person present.

Freshman girl, decidedly average. Has one or two close friends, no enemies. Does not stand out, does not have any special talents or activities, no vices, no conflicts that she is aware of. Is a B student.

Junior boy, high maintenance, low achiever. Has one or two close friends, many peripheral friends, but can't seem to maintain any relationships with anyone. His closest friends constantly give up on him, only to be reeled back in. Always on the verge of getting into trouble, but never follows through on anything, so never actually gets into trouble.

Senior girl, attractive but empty. Has a hidden secret. Has many friends, but nobody really knows her. Not particularly smart, but an A student. Takes easy classes. Assumes she will go to college.

Starting Sentence:

I can't believe anyone dresses like that, every day, for school...

I'm thinking that maybe this time, it's my fault, and there's nothing I can do to make it up to her...

I wonder if I can pay someone to take my SATs for me...