Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sisters Writing Prompt

I am always intrigued by the dynamic between sisters. The unspoken history, the sibling drama, the ongoing battles for control of the relationship are goldmines waiting to be tapped into for writing inspiration. For this prompt, imagine that you are the younger sister, and write for ten minutes about one of the topics below. Your goal is to try to capture both the closeness of the relationship and the very tenuous bond that threatens to snap at any moment.

Sisters Topics:
1. Your older sister has a secret boyfriend. You don't like him, but you have kept her secret. Now, your older sister has betrayed you in some way. Do you tell Mom about the secret boyfriend, or can you somehow leverage the information to your benefit?

2. Your parents and your older sister have had a knock-down, drag-out fight. You're the good child now. What can you get away with? How long does it last? How does your sister make your life a living hell because of this switch?

3. You and your older sister have always been close. She's more like a mother to you than a sister. You've never really wondered why, until now. What happened to make you take a clear look at this relationship? Is your sister aware or in denial?

4. You are the younger sister, but for some reason, your older sister is acting like a baby. Now you're taking care of her. She can't do her chores, her homework, her hair or even get properly dressed in the morning. Why can't she just snap out of it?