Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bedtime Story Writing Prompt

Bedtime books for the very young are a popular picture book sub-genre. Many follow a basic story arc: showing a small child or animal getting ready for bed; showing a small child or animal who does not want to go to bed (but usually ends up asleep by the end of the book;) or a lyrical story that sets a "sleepy mood."

For this prompt, select a story arc, a character, and an unusual setting and write a short bedtime story for the very young child.

Story Arc:
1. Activities to get ready for bed;
2. Distractions to avoid going to bed;
3. Common bedtime fear and overcoming it;
4. A happy, peaceful bedtime ritual.

1. Small hedgehog
2. Roly-poly piglet
3. Baby griffin
4. A small fire-breathing dragon
5. The tooth fairy's son
6. A little girl with an annoying baby brother

Unusual Setting:
1. An invisible castle that slowly becomes visible if someone remains awake after bedtime.
2. A frog-filled pond
3. An elfin forest
4. A petting zoo
5. A swamp with a noisy Ogre
6. The 61st floor of a 60-floor highrise
7. An animal sanctuary.