Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emotional Impact II Writing Prompt

I've missed a few Brown Bags, but here is a prompt suggested by a recent discussion I participated in regarding "going deeper," emotionally, in our writing. The theme for this prompt is fear, from a child's perspective. You can chose any age child you like. Write in first person POV (from the child's POV, not the writer's POV,) for 15 minutes, selecting one of the topic situations below:

Topic Situation:
1. The child is in a swimming pool, surrounded by people who don't realize that the child may be drowning.
2. The child has lost his parent in a grocery store or shopping mall.
3. The child is afraid of the dark, or has some other phobia.
4. The child is on a hike with friends, and has a panic attack.
5. The child is a passenger in a car that is in an accident.

When you are done, read what you wrote. Pay particular attention to the pacing of what you wrote. Does the pacing match the emotion? Then look at the words you chose. Are they age appropriate? Did you use senses other than sight? Can you feel, smell, taste, and see the emotion? Emotional impact has depth that goes beyond one sense (usually sight.) Finally, evaluate the character's vulnerability in the moment. Did you capture it?

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